Crochet, Bento, and Soap

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon


I worked on flowers some more today. Thanks to inspiration based on Josh linking me to a list of free crochet flower patterns, in addition to three flowers resembling those I have already made, I made my very first rose. The pattern includes leaves but I just made the rose part. It also calls for a F hook and I used a G. And goodness knows I didn’t check the yarn size or gauge. It came out great regardless. Here it is along with the other three much simpler flowers I made.

Four Flowers


I made tony a bento style lunch as is my usual routine. Today his lunch included stuff for a roast beef sandwich with tomato and lettuce, a plum, yogurt, and stir fried veggies. I also packed him a snack with dried mango, granola, and a peach cup. The neatest thing about the lunch today is the sauce I made for the veggies. I was inspired by my past efforts to make bourbon chicken. The key to bourbon chicken’s amazing sauce is ketchup! I coated his mixed veggie stir fry in soy, onion powder (which is my favorite pantry stable, I use it and on almost everything), sriracha (which I also use pretty constantly), dark sesame oil, ketchup, and just a touch of brown sugar. The sauce was delicious. I just hope the veggies didn’t get overcooked. I have to go a little al dente since he reheats them later on. Here is the lunch in all its glory:


I took a great bath using the last of my lush bath bomb. I am completely in love with both their products and the amazing patchouli soap I bought at whole foods. I really want to try the basil cinnamon soap from whole foods as well. I also want to try some more of the bath enhancers lush sells. All the fancy soaps have inspired me and I would like to venture into soap making. Buy some bulk soap at hobby lobby and add my own herbs from my garden. I really like the idea of a cilantro soap and all the ones I could find online where cilantro plus something else like pineapple, cucumber, or avocado.

I read this really interesting article. It’s about guy’s opinions of what makes for immodesty based on a survey on a Christianity oriented website. It’s an interesting sociological piece and credit for my awareness to it goes to Josh.