Tea Time

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I made delicious orange flavored sweet tea for the fridge. Details follow after the cut.

First I chopped up four clementine oranges. Yay for seedless.

chopped oranges

I had measured my jar and knew it would hold a little more than 14 cups of tea with the oranges in it. To make the 14 cups I used 14 of these tea bags.


I also used 18 of these to sweeten it. They are all natural and contain only 5 calories in each packet. Stevia is the most amazing sweetener around. The tea is very sweet with very few added calories of sweetener. And no funky added chemicals.


After prepping half the tea bags and sweetener in a super large measuring cup

tea ready

I added the boiling water and stirred

stirring hot tea

As you can see this batch only filled my jar half way.

half done

I repeated my tea making process to get a full jar.

full tea jar

after taking that picture I deemed the tea a touch strong and added about 2 cups of water. I stirred the oranges around in the hot tea a lot to insure good flavor penetration. The jar is in the fridge now cooling down…