The Making of a Chinese-ish Lunch

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

This post details in pictures what I did in order to make Tony’s lunch for August 3rd. Because its so picture intensive I will cut it after the picture of the completed lunch.

finished lunch

I started with making a glaze containing these ingredients:

Glaze Ingredients

It initially looked like this:

Glaze beginning

After a considerable time simmering (around 30 minutes or so) It had reduced down to look like so:

Glaze reduced

For his fried rice I used this mix:

fried rice mix

But I added flavor to it by adding an egg to the cooked rice while it was still very hot thus making a much better fried rice flavor. Fried rice in my mind isn’t really fried rice without egg. With egg the finished rice looked delicious despite its humble pouch origins

fried rice with egg

I started the stir fry with a mix of veggie and sesame oils.

pan with oil

And continued by adding seasoning salt

oil plus seasoning

Next came the mixed veggies

cooking the veggies

which along side the chicken would make up my main stir fry ingredients

Stir fry ingredients

I poured in the glaze

adding the glaze

Let it bubble

glaze bubbling

Added the chicken

adding the chicken

Simmered it together

simmering together

And finished it with sesame seeds

finished dish

All that was left was to pack it into Tony’s lunch

scooping rice

scooping stirfry

The leftovers went into a container in the fridge to be enjoyed by me at a later point. 🙂