political thoughts

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Writing something every day is more challenging than I expected. It takes a lot of drive to spend some time each day turning jumbled thoughts to words. Considering which thoughts most merit becoming a lasting thing is daunting.

A few words on the prop 8 ruling

I am curious to see if the court ruling on prop 8 will hold. I find the logic that the morals of one group can’t dictate the behavior of another to be logically sound. In my mind however, that logic extends far beyond gay marriage issues.

Why should a majority of a religious persuasion be able to make any solely morality based laws?

Victim-less crime as a concept has always appalled me. I recall at an early age (elementary school) reading an editorial discussing school uniforms and victim-less crime as both results of a “moral majority” forcing their standards of living on to others.

Yes majority rules, but not without respect to the rights and freedoms of the minority.

I hope the ruling holds. Or better yet is reaffirmed in a supreme court case. It has a powerful message. It says that in this nation we will not allow people to use force to cause others to live to their personal moral code. It says that we will not tolerate bullies.

A few words on the radicals on the right

I am glad they are acting nutty.

I am glad they are winning primaries and setting themselves up to lose races.

I think that most Americans are smart enough to see that they are making crap up. At least I hope so.

I hope that most Americans aren’t too stupid to know that a birth certificate and certificate of live birth are the same thing.

I hope most Americans realize that the civil rights act was a good thing.

I hope most Americans realize that if you let them take rights from the gays and non Christians and ethnic and racial minorities that they won’t stop there.

I hope that everyone knows that the radicals on the right will come for your freedom of speech if they gain too much power.

I really hope people can see the danger.

The radical left is largely outside the electoral system but the radicals on the right are seizing party control.

Politicians on the left aren’t even close to radical. They are too afraid to even use their majority. No attempt to seize control of even basic things. Certainly no plans to do anything drastic.

The far right on the other hand is getting downright scary.