Christmas Chaos and Crazy Crochet

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

So I haven’t posted in ages because the holidays ate all my free time.

Part of what ate some time was Christmas decorating. I used tiny birds and pine cones as my tree theme this year

main tree


Another part of what ate my time was furiously crocheting Christmas gifts for people. I made 2 hats, a purse, and 2 scarves for Christmas gifts for people.

I also discovered a yarn shop in town called knitting asylum that carries spinning supplies which is pretty exciting. I haven’t got a spindle yet but plan to do so relatively soon.

I also got some time eaten by animal excitement. We went to the global wildlife center near Hammond. It was pretty awesome and I had great time even though the giraffes refused to come anywhere near us.

I really want to go on their private jeep tour now because it seems like it would give me even more animal contact. As is I did get a lot of contact with the animals. My favorite was the camel by far. His name is Abu.
animals 131

I also got to meet their dominate male llama. His name is Coal. Evidently llama’s fight for dominance by attempting to castrate one another… Here he is.
animals 099

And zebras evidently are biters.. despite how sweet they look.
animals 015

Lastly a super awesome cow!
animals 021

I’ve also been crocheting a ton recreationally. It has been very relaxing for me. I’ve made myself a hat and bag out of one set of yarn. The hat is from 100 Hats to Knit and Crochet. It was pretty challenging to make. It took a great deal of time. The purse is of my own design.

large purse

I also made a tiny purse out of some beautiful bamboo yarn I had laying around. It is only like 4 inches long but it makes a good coin purse or it could be used for dice. It was also of my own design.
tiny purse

And I got some yarn (4 skeins) from the clearance basket at the yarn shop. I didn’t have anything specific in mind at the time but I’ve made three neat things using it and have almost a skein left.

The elephant design came from the lion brand yarn site. I used a considerably smaller hook than it called for. I used e instead of g and it still came out a little larger than I expected. It isn’t perfect but for my first stuffed animal it came out rather nicely.

The heart design came from (which is an awesome knit and crochet community I discovered thanks to the somethingawful forum crochet thread.) It is my first amigurumi. I think it looks pretty good but it is way bigger than the pattern indicated it would be.

I also made this small purse of my own design. I think it is pretty cute.

Remaining in my recent yarn purchases is slightly under one skein of the pink yarn and 4 skeins each of rose and green yarns that I bought at dollar tree. I also have a ton of assorted yarn hanging around the house..