Live-ish Blogging the Presidential Debate

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I will be live-ish blogging the presidential debate right here. I say live-ish not live because I couldn’t find a widget to work with my blog quite the way I wanted and wordpress limits embedding quite a bit so it will be live-ish in that I will be just working from the post edit screen and updating from there frequently. As a result to see changes it will be necessary to refresh the page.

All times are central and all spelling and grammar errors are wine based..

7:20 Watching msnbc’s pre-debate coverage. Thinking that I miss the blueberry pie commercial they had been running.

7:24 Only been watching the pre-coverage briefly but if I was playing this I would have already drank a whole lot…

7:27 Lot of Gary Johnson signs behind Chris Matthews at the Univ of Colorado. Democracy Now this afternoon was focused on the exclusion of both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein from the debates.

7:29 just ran a really pretty unpleasant anti-immigrant ad featuring a black guy saying basically that we shouldn’t be letting immigrants in until all black Americans have jobs. What happens when people try and turn minority groups against each other!

7:32 Now Ezra is talking about the toughest questions each candidate does not want to answer tonight.

7:34 The camera is wobbling a bunch on Ezra. I think the camera guy must be playing debate bingo.

7:37 Now they are talking about the Romney campaign’s refusal to give details/numbers about their tax plan

7:40 Steve Schmidt was just pointing out that it is unusual that Mitt didn’t try to run as a “Washington Outsider.” I hadn’t noticed that but I agree. It seems like it would have been a logical strategy, especially given congresses approval numbers.

7:42 Now we have a boogey man politics commercial about hiding under the covers and the imagined problem of in person voter fraud replacing Sharpton’s previous blueberry pie commercial.

7:48 Now it is clips from debate’s gone past.. Bill Clinton looks so young

7:54 Now they are talking about the debate training that Mitt has done recently

8:00 It begins!

8:02 I still say we should have a first-lady-off in addition to the presidential and vice presidential debates

8:03 Jim Lehrer says the audience will be quiet during the debate. I guess that means no yells of “let em die” like in the GOP primary debate.

8:04 It’s the president’s wedding anniversary and he started with wishing Michelle a happy anniversary. I think that reminds people that he has an adorable family and not a wife who uses the phrase “you people” when talking to a reporter.

8:06 Obama’s answer on jobs was basically new energy sources, small business, and middle class. To quote Carville’s new book title “It’s the middle class, stupid”

8:08 Mitt accuses Obama’s plan of being trickle down government. I think that was one of his prepared zingers…

8:09 Obama is talking about companies shipping jobs overseas which seems like a jab at Bain

8:11 Romney says middle income Americans instead of middle class. I think that is an intentional choice so he can cry “class war” on the people who say middle class.

8:13 Mitt is using his hands quite a bit more than he should. I think he is trying to hard to imitate a video he watched about body language.

8:16 Mitt keeps saying the economists are all lying about his tax plan. And he just said his sons make things up and say it and that doesn’t make it true.. Doesn’t seem like something you should say about your kids.

8:19 Obama just said “he has been running on this tax plan for 18 months now he is saying his big bold plan is nevermind” about Mitts waffling statements about his tax plan and he used Bill Clinton’s arithmetic comment. And he said that Mitt was calling people like Trump small businesses. He is going on the attack.

8:21 Mitt keeps interrupting the moderator.

8:24 Obama is paralleling Mitt’s plan to Bush 2’s and his approach to Bill’s. Which is a brilliant comparison to draw.

8:25 Mitt keeps saying his tax cut plan won’t add to the deficit but not explaining how and saying he is different because of the magical unnamed deductions he will get rid of. Complete lack of specifics.

8:26 He won’t stop talking over the moderator. Someone should have told him that would make him look juvenile

8:27 Mitt says he wants to eliminate any program that isn’t “worth borrowing from China for.” He says to get rid of “Obamacare”, the subsidy for PBS etc.

8:29 Now Obama is listing cost cutting measures he has taken already and is explaining that his plan is on a website and that you can look at numbers. He is talking about the whole $2.50 in cuts with a $1 of raised revenue. Obama is quoting Mitt from the primary debate saying he wouldn’t take $10 in spending cuts for a $1 of revenue increase.

8:33 Mitt keeps saying raising taxes= killing jobs.

8:34 Every now and then when Mitt is talking Obama gets this big grin and I think “ohhh Mitt just said something he shouldn’t have said, Obama is gonna use that, whether it’s now or in an attack ad”

8:36 Obama likes to use the phrase “balanced approach”

8:37 Mitt seems to be on the defensive. It doesn’t make him look in control.

8:40 Social Security question time. And Obama is diverting the assigned topic into Medicare. Undoubtedly Mitt is about to take a beating over Ryan’s plan.

8:42 Mitt is emphasizing he isn’t proposing changes for any retirees or coming retirees. Because he doesn’t want old people to get upset about the voucher plan.

8:44 Mitt is calling the presidents cut to payments to health care providers a cut to Medicare.

8:45 Mitt made some “if you are 60 you can stop listening about medicare changes” comment earlier and then Obama just said “Well if you are 54 or 55 you may want to listen to this” and then went off about the voucher program. OH Snap! And now is talking about his support for his plan from the AARP.

8:47 Mitt just said he would rather have a private plan than government healthcare. Wonder what he thinks he will have for health care if he becomes president..

8:49 Obama keeps using the phrase “at the mercy of insurance companies” about the voucher system and quoting the AARP

8:51 Now he is asking them about regulation and telling them to keep it short. I am not sure they are capable of it.

8:52 Mitt keeps trying to just talk over the moderator and just now he was saying “let’s talk about the other” and the moderator just flat out said “no let’s not”

8:54 Obama just said if you think the problem was too much regulation on wall street Romney is your candidate and Romney interrupted him and just took over and started repeating his earlier statements.

8:56 Now it is time to talk about Obamacare. I bet Obama will use the phrase Romneycare at least once.

8:57 Romney is really obsessed with this blatant mis-characterization of the medicare payment to providers reduction as stealing from medicare

8:59 Obama just said that obamacare says insurance companies “can’t jerk you around”

9:00 Now Obama is saying that the model has already been proven to work in Massachusetts

9:03 Mitt is now saying Obama won’t work with the Republicans and isn’t interested in bipartisanship. Really? Why would he open up for attacks on the GOP being obstructionists?

9:05 Obama is now talking about streamlining in health care, preventive care, and performance based pay for providers.

9:06 Obama just pointed out premium cost has gone up slower in the last two years than at any time in the last 50 years.

9:07 Mitt is still way over using his hands. Maybe his aides should handcuff him to the podium next time.

9:08 Mitt just said that the government was trying to get between patients and their doctors.. Mandatory ultrasounds for everyone!!

9:10 Now Obama is saying Mitt won’t tell us the details about his tax plan deduction changes, dodd-frank replacement plan, and obamacare replacement plan and asking why would Mitt be keeping all his plans secret.

9:11 Mitt is trying to compare his lack of details to Reagan…

9:12 And now it sounds like he is saying his plan is to figure it all out later. He just said “pick a random number” when talking about taxes

9:13 Now it is time to talk about the role of government and I would like to quote Barney Frank in saying that government is just the word for the things we do together as a society

9:15 Obama is talking about investing in things like hiring more teachers.

9:16 Mitt is doing the declaration of independence quoting thing and just said that we are a nation that believes we are all children of the same god. Wonder if he has just given up on any non christian votes at all.

9:18 Mitt just said “poor” and then changed it to “low income”

9:19 One of Obama’s phrases seems to be “budgets reflect choices”

9:20 Obama on Ryan’s budget “It wasn’t very detailed, this seems to be a trend”

9:21 Obama is now featuring his change to the student loan program system. And quoted Mitt about borrowing money from one’s parents to go to college.

9:24 Mitt says “by the way” a lot. I think that reflects something condescending a bit.

9:25 Now Jim is asking about partisan gridlock. And neither of them is going to give a useful answer.

9:26 Obama just called Romney on how many things Mitt has said he was going to do on his “first day”

9:28 Obama says you have to be able to say no to your own party and then Mitt hasn’t illustrated the ability to say no to the extreme elements in his own party.

9:29 I think if Mitt hadn’t won the coin toss and Obama was getting the last statement instead of him he would have just started talking after Obama anyways. He seems to not be able to stand not getting the last word.

9:30 Obama closed by saying he fought hard for the middle class and would continue to do so.

9:32 Mitt is running as not-Obama based on closing statement. I wonder if he saw from Kerry running as “not-Bush” didn’t work out so well…

9:33 Well that wraps it up, my main conclusion is that Mitt needs to learn to not look juvenile during the debates.