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The Debates- Who Really Wins

There is this smile Obama sometimes does. It is a smile that makes me suspect that somewhere Axelrod is jumping up and down excited. I saw that smile a couple times when Romney was speaking last night. A few of the times, it was because Obama was about to come back to something Romney shouldn’t have just said. Other times the reason wasn’t apparent.

Today I think I may understand that reason a little better.

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Wading into it… (against my better judgement)

I turned off comments on my post about leaving law school because I don’t really care about people who think hazing is normal, that one should not complain ever, etc. I wrote about what I felt like was a toxic, soul crushing environment. People did not question my account of what happened. Rather they were insulting me for being bothered by being singled out.

Instead of try to reply to each comment, which I would have felt compelled to do, I just turned them off. I did not want to have to address how someone saying “It’s just hazing” is exactly part of the problem I described. I did not want to go through all my points again because people can not read and thought I was complaining about having to work hard.

Someone resorted to trying to post on my “Who am I?” page instead. All my comments are set up to require prescreening so I got it in an email. I am not putting it through as a comment because I don’t want it on my personal info page. Instead I am going to post it in this entry along with my itemized response to it. The person who wrote it (I can not verify that it was written by North, it could be an impostor)  clearly did not understand my problem at all. The numbers in parenthesis are added so I can easily reference pieces of it in my reply.

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New Necklace

I found some giant acorn hats and tiny pine cones. I have a bunch more but I used the last of my chain to make this necklace

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