It’s Not Just the Economy

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

When someone says to me the presidential election is just about the economy, I tend to get a little irritated. Sometimes if it is a straight man saying that I want to respond that he probably wouldn’t feel that way if he was gay or a woman. After all, the GOP has been very focused on the state level on limiting women’s reproductive health choices. The intrusion has gotten so bad that it prompted this website campaigning for women to fight back at the ballot box. Romney couldn’t walk into the oval office and change the law on social issues on his own but he can do something that can change things for our nation for years to come.

I believe the absolute most important thing the president does is something that has nothing to do with the economy at all. The most important, most lasting effect a president has is picking Justices for the Supreme Court. That is the most important reason for me to support Obama over Romney. I am terrified of what Romney’s choices would do to our nation for the next twenty plus years.

The court Romney would usher in, a court with more Scalia’s on it is a frightening world indeed. Politico has a piece on what it is that Scalia believes.  I think it is best summed up by a quote from the man himself. He says:

The death penalty? Give me a break. It’s easy. Abortion? Absolutely easy. Nobody ever thought the Constitution prevented restrictions on abortion. Homosexual sodomy? Come on. For 200 years, it was criminal in every state

Thomas already votes with Scalia basically all the time. A Romney presidency would undoubtedly grow that faction in the court.

The economy matters but it does not mean that all other things cease to be important. Do we want a court full of individuals who are dramatically anti-choice and beyond anti-gay marriage want to criminalize homosexuality? What about putting people to death for crimes they committed as a minor? Scalia made it clear that he thinks that’s something our nation should do in his dissent in Roper v Simmons.

Anyone who says its all about the economy is not looking forward twenty years to who will be on the bench, to who will be deciding what kind of country our children will live in.