Biden’s Not Stupid – Pre-Debate Thoughts

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Biden is not an idiot.

Sure, he says stupid gaffes some times but that proves nothing about his intelligence. We all say stupid things sometimes. The difference is most of us don’t have a slew of cameras following around. Making mistakes is a part of being human and a trait that other politicians work elaborately to hide.

Rather than saying something about his intelligence, his gaffes instead say something about his openness. Instead of thinking through everything he says in terms of semantics, messaging, and framing, Biden does something very rare in politics. He thinks something and then he says it. This backfires sometimes when he happens to have a bit of a brain-fart but it can also be a very positive trait.

Biden choosing to say what he thought forced the president to publicly address his own views on gay marriage. Some people think Biden’s coming out on the issue of gay marriage was a planned move by the Obama campaign. Watching the video and the less than rapid response from the white house leaves me unconvinced that it was a planned action. Rather I think Biden was being interviewed and simply said what he thought. It was a simple, frank statement that a lot of politicians would have been afraid to make without endless focus group testing. That simple, frank, openness of Biden’s undoubtedly leads to him making gaffes but it also hold power. Especially in a debate.

After the first presidential debate, a great deal of the left was disappointed. There was a desire for Obama to basically say 47% a thousand times and call Romney a liar. Obama is too careful and reserved a speaker to do that. Biden on the other hand, well him calling Ryan a liar is not hard to imagine. He certainly wouldn’t shy away from a 47% remark or some cutting commentary on the Ryan budget, especially where it pertains to Medicare. I suspect that we can expect a much more aggressive approach than we saw from Obama.  An approach full of candor and some very harsh truths about Ryan and Romney’s plans.

In short, the same personality traits that lead Biden to make gaffe worthy remarks could also lead to him going for the jugular in the debate.