The Last Debate & Benghazi

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Soon Romney and Obama will have their last debate before the election. It’s on foreign policy and I would wager that the phrase “Bin Laden is dead” will play a prominent role in the president’s statements.

I would also guess that Romney’s main focus will be Benghazi.

The subject of the attacks is hard for the President. Romney can say something simple about it. He can call it a failure and say that the administration misled the American people. Simple, easy to follow, works well in a sound bite or in a debate.

Obama can’t defend his administration in such a neat and simple way. To say something like

“While there were clearly security failings, the events were not able to be anticipated and could not readily have been prevented. What we need to do is understand the security failings better so that we can work better in the future. We believed at the time that the act of terror was a violent break off from a series of protests taking part around the region due to a short film. We were aware of many such protests in the region and thus believed the violence was linked due to it occurring at the same time. Once we learned that the attacks seemed to have been planned and not a break off from the protests we let the American people know that and we will continue to share what we learn throughout the investigation”

is complicated and messy and loses people. There is no simple way of stating the administrations position on the attack and that makes it very hard for Obama to defend in a debate.

I don’t pretend to know whether the Obama administration could have prevented the death’s of the American’s in Benghazi. I don’t really suspect Romney knows that either. It will take time, far past the election, before we really have a complete picture of what lead to the acts, if we ever do.

The sad thing is, for the election, the reality of it doesn’t matter nearly as much as the packaging. Many people who are eager to believe democrats are soft foreign policy wise will assume the worst about the administration because Romney has better packaging.