Making Butternut Squash Soup

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I decided to make butternut squash soup for dinner. My very picture intensive recipe is behind the cut.

First you need a big pot with oil in the bottom of it.

Brown some sausage in the pan and then take it out and put it aside. You want the edges to be crispy.


Chop up two carrots and one onion


One butternut squash, peel and seeds removed. Chop into smallish pieces.


Chop up three sticks of celery, you can include the leaves. They have flavor.


And one poblano pepper, seeds removed. Chop into small pieces.


Put them in a pot with some seasoning. I used about 2-3 tablespoons of this:


Let it cook for a while til things start to get soft. (with the lid on)

Once things have started to soften up quite a bit add some chicken broth concentrate


I used about a tablespoon. Also add some water, not quite enough to cover the veggies.


Let it boil for a while until the squash is for tender and the liquid has reduced down some.



Be careful! If its still boiling the popping bubbles once it starts to get smoothed out can be pretty dangerous. I got a burn on my arm when a bubble popped and flung soup onto it.

After a little while pureeing, add about 1/2 – 3/4 cup milk and continue until you have a smooth texture. The pepper and celery makes for a bit of a greenish color unfortunately so it will never be as pretty as some winter squash soups are.

Garnish with sausage and feta cheese


Ta dah! Time to eat fall soup.