Did the GOP Winning in the States in 2010 Lose Romney the Election?

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

In 2010 the GOP swept state legislatures and went wild.

Let’s look at four states where the GOP did things that made people very, very angry.


In Virginia, they passed a law requiring mandatory ultrasounds for any woman seeking an abortion. Even if she was a rape victim. It made Governor Bob McDonald into governor ultrasound and cost him his chance to be the VP pick. It also made women all over Virginia very angry and afraid for their freedoms.

Virginia is a swing state and it certainly can’t hurt the Obama campaign’s chances there for the state to be full of women who don’t trust the GOP one bit.


In Michigan, the GOP in the state pushed through a harsh emergency manager law. It essentially allows the state to dissolve local governments and replace them with an all powerful dictator. The law is leaving many people with no local representative that the voted for and is disproportionately effecting minorities.  It’s repeal is on the ballot on election day. 

The turn out to repeal a law that takes away your local government and gives you a dictator who can dissolve your town’s very existence will surely be enormous and favor the president’s re-election efforts.


In Wisconsin, Scott Walker made a bid to strip collective bargaining rights from all state workers. There was outrage and protests in the state capital for weeks. Democrat state legislatures fled the state to delay the vote. The law was ultimately stopped.

While the effort to get rid of Walker as well was unsuccessful, (Partially I believe because Feingold didn’t throw his hat into the race) there is a lot of ground structure and labor organization there that benefits Obama.


In Ohio, they passed a law stripping labor rights. There was a huge fight back and it made the ballot through a signature campaign and by a 22 point margin worker’s rights were restored. Obama’s campaign staff was on the ground for the fight and it helped them to establish an astounding ground game in the all important state.