New Reality- More Common Extreme Weather

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

This Northeast is in shambles after experiencing a “once in a 100 years storm” in Sandy. Thing is the frequency of major storm events in the U.S. seems to be on the rise. Louisiana alone seems to be taking such a beating in recent years that I believe it is time to talk about the serious upgrades needed to our power, flood protection, and emergency response infrastructure our state really needs moving forward.

Katrina and Rita battered our state 7  years ago with less than a month apart.

This year Baton Rouge dealt with Issac for our major Tropical Storm event on the anniversary of Katrina. The city fared pretty well but other parts of our state experienced severe flooding.

A few years ago with Gustav we weren’t so lucky and it was quickly followed by Ike hitting the gulf coast as well. Looking back through my photographs of Gustav’s aftermath reminds me of just how powerful and dangerous the wind can be.

Damage from the hurricane


That is the root structure of a huge tree ripped out of the ground by the storm. We heard a tornado mid storm and I suspect it was responsible for this bit of damage.

We need to build for a world that takes these events into account. Not just here but around the country. I feel confident New York will began taking steps to be able to better weather storms like these as we all should.

(side note, the date stamp on my camera is ridiculously far off on all the Gustav pictures for some reason..)