Obama Should Pardon Edwin Edwards

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Obama should pardon Edwin. The man is old.

He is 85 and if he doesn’t get pardoned he may die before he completes his parole and prohibition and is eligible to vote again. Sure there were scandals, but Edwin was the first Louisiana governor post Reconstruction to appoint blacks and women to high positions in his administration. Edwin was involved in creating the new state constitution. Edwin increased state revenue by taxing the powerful oil interests.

Felon disenfranchisement is pretty messed up in general and I think perhaps given the things Edwin did for Louisiana I think it would be worth while for Obama to pardon him and give him the chance to vote again before he dies.

After the election, Obama doesn’t have to run again. The cost of the pardon to him would be minimal. Edwin is popular despite the time in prison.

In fact, I think a pardon could pay off. Edwin is a fundraising powerhouse and making him feel great affection for the democratic party could pay off. People will pay to eat dinner with him and that could result in a lot of cash that the state level party could use to bring us closer to a swing state.