by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I got to my polling place around 6:05 am, right after it opened. People were there waiting for it to open. It took about 35 min to vote, a short wait in the scheme of things but surprising for 6 am.

I voted there in 2008 as well and I waited longer today. YAY! Voter turnout!

The poll workers were organized; the lines for different name letters were clear; they were working hard helping make sure a man who was registered in a different Louisiana city but couldn’t get there could still vote in the state and federal elections.

There were 150ish people in line when I left at 6:40 and somewhere in the 50-60 range had already voted.

Looks like there are 884 registered voters in my precinct as of the last election in April so if this morning is any indication we should have pretty high percent turn-out.

Also my precinct is super blue, 619 registered democrats, 61 republican, and 204 other or independent.