And Now the Far Right Talks Secession

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

The democratic party could not have hoped for a reaction to Obama’s reelection more perfect than the cries of “SECEDE!!” now coming from the far right.

The left was upset after both the W elections but rather than cry secede they talked about expatriating to Europe or Canada. Or Australia. I met a expat who left for Australia because of Reagan and found ridiculous the conservatives talking about moving there since Australia has both universal health care and a strong labor movement. The far right isn’t just talking about leaving to countries that have policies they demonize in the US though. They also have latched on to secession.

There is a notably difference between talking about removing yourself from a situation and talking about starting a civil war. Despite any claims from those yelling secede about being peaceful, they are essentially yelling for a new Confederacy.

I suspect in their new fantasy Confederacy anyone who wasn’t a white evangelical male would have a pretty terrible time.  There is something threatening and violent about this that I think should make anyone who isn’t the picture of America that the far right holds dear pay attention. I mean do we really think black people would not be re-segregated in a post secession Louisiana?

Next the southern red states yelling secede the loudest also commonly get more back in federal money than the pay in federal taxes. How long could Mississippi really support itself before every shred of public services in the state just collapsed?

I realize it is just the far right, the fringe, talking secession but it can’t be good for the mainstream GOP. It makes independents wary of the party that the people yelling secede support.  It makes rational moderate republicans nervous and creates a breakdown in the party.

And the GOP isn’t innocent in this. They main part of the party may not support the far right’s secession obsession, (sorry I couldn’t resist the rhyme) but they helped create it. You use black people as a boogeyman long enough to manipulate the impressionable and when one gets re-elected if you promise he wouldn’t people will go nuts. The GOP made a certain type of person terrified of Obama. They promised those people he wouldn’t get re-elected. And when he did? Well it’s at least partly the GOP’s fault that those people acted insane and started talking civil war.

I leave you with a link to the audio of Atwater on the GOP’s southern strategy. It’s required listening to understand how while obviously not everyone in the GOP is racist the party leadership has been knowingly using the racists for years. Audio is nsfw and possibly an emotional trigger due to offensive language.