Evidently Mohawks are VERY Suspicious

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Went to Walmart to get a couple things late at night, like an hour and a half ago, with my husband. He has a really long blonde mohawk and a crazy full beard. Evidently that means he must be a shoplifter. While logically a criminal would try and blend in and not stand out, logic doesn’t exist in the world of profiling.

A Walmart employee in a button down collared shirt, signifying some sort of management position, followed him around the store the whole time. He tried to look like he was busy inspecting products nearby but he literally wasted an hour of time stalking my husband.

When we went to check out, the same guy and the cop who Walmart hires to hang around the front of the store at night stared at us and obviously were talking about us. I took a photo with my phone of their staring but unfortunately it did not come out. On the way out I wanted to take a picture of the cop car’s license plate so I would know which cop was staring at us like we were criminals but parked in the sidewalk area where the cop car ordinarily is was a truck with an American flag paint job.