A Couple Things I Have Made

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I wanted to feature pictures of a mask and cloak I made. They were taken by JG Greene. 


A cloak. It is made of red velvety fabric that I had lying around and lined with a green and grey and a greenish blue satin in the hood. It is trimmed with some blonde fake fur. Essentially a cloak is just a circle so it is a pretty simple project though sewing all that fur trim on took quite some time.


I really like the red cloak with the black and white. It really emphasizes the vibrant red of the cloak.

My steam punk  plague doctor’s mask. When I got the mask it was silver and the lace trim was black. I spray painted the whole thing black, repainted the trim with nail polish, and then glued the gears and such on to it. I got gears both off etsy.com and from the craft store. Where feathers ordinarily go on a mask, I used the clock hands.


The mask matches the corset I got from the Louisiana Renaissance Festival a couple years ago really well. Hopefully soon I will be making corsets like this one myself. I got patterns to do so on my crazy black Friday pattern buying expedition.

Speaking of the Louisiana Ren Faire, I have been twice this year and am hoping to go a third time. Sewing garb has become a fun way to learn how to sew better.