by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I think most of the internet has already seen this.

Somehow I find this vile anti-equality rhetoric so much more disgusting because it is written be a woman. By a woman who can vote because women fought for her. Fought against the claim that it wasn’t a woman’s place to vote. Fought against the idea that women voting would to use the author’s phrasing “remove men from their pedestal.”

She can make decisions about her own fertility, take birth control if she wants, because the women she is vilifying, the feminists, fought for it.

She can have a job writing because other women fought to be respected next to male authors.

But she says women should “surrender.”

Her life is much better because of thousands upon thousands of women who fought, who didn’t surrender. For the right to vote, for fair pay, for control over their own fertility, for the right to an education.

She implies that she thinks that gender politics of the 1950’s were more appropriate. The gender politics which would not be friendly to her working. The gender politics which didn’t acknowledge that it could be rape if a man forced himself on the woman he was married to. The gender politics where women couldn’t decide whether they wanted to go through pregnancy after pregnancy, even if it threatened their lives. The gender politics where a woman as a lawyer, a doctor, a stock broker where all strange concepts. In 1950, there were 10 women in congress. How a woman could call for a return to the gender politics that gave women so few opportunities is beyond me.

Personally I look forward. To a future where the still existent pay gap between men and women disappears. A future where congress is divided close to 50/50 by gender and reflects the make up of our nation.

And if the men are pissed off about women standing next to them rather than sitting below them, too pissed off to get married, then perhaps they should grow up and learn to deal with not having a built in maid and wife who isn’t allowed to tell them no in the bedroom. Women aren’t going to be property again in our nation and hopefully not for much longer throughout the rest of the world. Men will just have to learn to cope.