Is Judge Jeff Hughes Married?

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

While his mailer disguised to look like a newspaper talks a lot about traditional marriage, it does not appear the judge himself is married.

In 8 pages that cover his life in enormous detail, all the way back to his high school achievements (because for some reason we need to know he was MVP of his all white high school basketball team) and information about him marrying other people, there is no mention of Hughes being married himself.

There are 16 pictures of Hughes within the mailer. None of them are with a wife. There is a family picture with extended family instead. Given how hard the mailer pushes the view of Hughes as wholesome, traditional, “leave it to beaver”-esque, undoubtedly if he had a wife there would be a giant picture of the two of them looking very traditional on the front page.

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