Jeff Hughes Louisiana Supreme Court Fake Newspaper Mailer Front Page

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

If you want to see the Jeff Hughes State Supreme Court fake newspaper mailer I scanned, you can view the whole thing here. 

The “paper” is labeled Louisiana Judicial Report. It is a publication of the Hughes campaign but with the Louisiana state seal in the top right corner it is trying pretty hard to look like an actual report and not a campaign mailer.

It features the headline “Conservative vs. Liberal Battle for Control of Court- Supreme Court at Stake” along with a giant picture of Hughes labeled as a “Real-life conservative.”

There are two boxes giving a mini-resume of Hughes listing which courts he served on and boasting that is a conservative native of Denham Springs. Native of white flight land! His beliefs are listed as “*US Constitution *Right to life *Right to property *Keep & bear arms *Traditional Marriage *Capital Punishment *Judges should apply the law to the facts of a case- not try to make the law!”

The constitution is listed right before his anti-choice right to life item. Sounds like he is ignoring Roe V Wade. Makes me wonder if his “traditional marriage” views would effect how he interrupts the constitutionality of gay rights. Would his view of the “law” just be a re-enforcement of the stated social conservative agenda in his list of beliefs?

The front page also features the “article” “Liberal Democrat Takes Reins as Chief Justice of Supreme Court” which continues on the back page. The article says the new Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court is a liberal who will gain “far-reaching power” and implies that the fact that she was initially appointed and later elected makes her seniority invalid.

Another front page “article” is titled “Judge Jeff Hughes Election Will Give Conservatives 403 Majority on State’s Supreme Court.” (continued on page 6) They state in it that white areas are Hughes base and that black people will vote for Guidry. There is an implication that Hughes can only lose if not enough white folks show up to the polls and references to Obama’s voter turnout machine.  They take another dig at the new Chief Justice and say that unless something is done the court will move drastically to the left. The message is “come vote or the scary black people/ liberals are going to get you!”

There is also a section titled “Republicans support Hughes, Democrat Party Backs Guidry.” (continued on page 7) It features a list of the votes from the primary totaling up the Democrats in the primary and the Republicans and comes to the conclusion that obviously Hughes is going to win. It says if the republicans unite behind Hughes he will win. It doesn’t question the uniting but simply says they may not show up to vote. The fact that people who voted for a moderate republican in the primary may not vote for the more far right Hughes in the run-off is completely ignored. It yet again expresses the “danger” of the court moving in a liberal direction. Fear seems to be a theme in this fake paper.

The bottom of the front page is a section labeled “Opponent Lacks Trial Court Experience” which basically says that because Guidry became an Appeals Court Judge without having been a District Judge first he is less qualified than Hughes.

All my coverage of this race is summarized here.