Jeff Hughes Supreme Court Fake Newspaper Mailer- Page Four

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

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Read about the front page here.   Page two here.  Page three here. 

Along with two more pictures of Hughes, this page features three “articles”One of the “articles” gives a summary of Hughes’ college experience including his BA in history and his law degree. The next “article” talks about Hughes’ as a small town lawyer in Walker when it had only one red light. It serves to paint Hughes in a light of “wholesome, traditional, small town” which stands in opposition to progressive ideas.

The bottom part of the page is about Hughes time on the district court. He says nothing is worse than someone going free and then them murdering someone. The idea of sentencing an innocent man to death as being terrible as well (Hughes favors capital punishment) is of course not brought up. Hughes uses the language of “evil” and “menace to society” in his discussion of sentencing. I find this charged language a disturbing indicator that his personal moral/ religious beliefs may overtake his ability to apply the law correctly.

It also features a supposed encounter with someone saying Hughes did the right thing sending him to jail years before when Hughes knocked on his door asking to put up a yard sign. Quite frankly I strongly doubt this really happened.

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