Jeff Hughes Supreme Court Fake Newspaper Mailer- Page Seven

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

View the whole mailer here. 

Read about the front page here.   Page two here.  Page three here.  Page four here.  Page five here. Page six here. 

Page seven focuses on Hughes’ endorsements. It has three new “articles” as well as the conclusion to one of the front page articles. It also has a picture of a tea party rally, Jindal, an elephant, and a drum. Not sure how the drum signifies the tea party but oh well.

In addition to a list of endorsements and a section on the Livingston Parish news decision to endorse him, the bottom of the page claims that democrats are in “disarray” and lists some internal struggles with the local democratic party as if that somehow means Guidry would be a bad justice.

All my coverage of this race is summarized here.