Jeff Hughes Supreme Court Fake Newspaper Mailer- Page Three

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

View the whole mailer here. 

Read about the front page here.   Page two here. 

The third page is labeled with headlines bragging about Hughes’ academic and athletic achievements. In high school. It also features another two pictures of Hughes and a box proclaiming a expectation of low voter turn-out.

The “article” about Hughes academic success at public schools is ironic considering he has been endorsed by Jindal who is rapidly tearing apart our public school system. Indeed Hughes also went to LSU, which has seen massive budget cuts since Jindal took office. The very academic success bragged about on this page is threatened by a voucher program that the Hughes may have to rule on. Given his  Republican backing he is likely to rule against the public school system that gave him opportunities.

I have no idea how Hughes being a high school basketball MVP matters for his Supreme Court qualification so I suspect this may just be in there to fill space/ satisfy Hughes ego given the large picture of him mid basketball action.

There is something a bit pathetic about campaign literature devoting a page to high school basketball success and the candidates high school national merit finalist status.

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