Jeff Hughes Supreme Court Fake Newspaper Mailer- Page Two

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Whole mailer is visible here. 

Page one is covered here. 

The second page of the mailer is dominated by a picture of Hughes labeled “Leave it to beaver” and a picture of him on an the Denham Springs High basketball team.

The “article” romanticizes the 1950’s and 60’s in Denham Springs, a time of racial segregation made apparent by the all white basketball team photo. It basically is an article about his upbringing being “the right kind” of upbringing and emphasizing a social conservative stand point. It also mentions several times a love of God as if religion is somehow a qualifying trait for the court. When the “article” concludes on page 8 it is accompanied by another family photo.

The bottom of page two is a giant Anti-choice “ad” endorsing Hughes and featuring yet another picture of Hughes and a stock photo of a baby. The whole paper is an ad really, but this section is styled as a traditional campaign ad, furthering the implication that since it looks like an ad the thing that is shaped like an article above it must not be an ad.

All my coverage of this race is summarized here.