My Coverage of the Louisiana Supreme Court District 5 Runoff and Jeff Hughes’ Fake Newspaper

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

First, I laid out how important of a decision faces voters on December 8th.

The Hughes- Guidry runoff will determine the direction of the Louisiana State Supreme Court. With Jindal’s voucher agenda being challenged and possibly headed that way, it seems crucial for the future of the state’s public education that Jindal endorsed Hughes not win.

Today I got in the mail a fake newspaper from the Hughes campaign. It is a bit amusing to me that I received it as I live in an overwhelmingly blue precinct so it seemed a bit wasteful to be sending out mailers to our precinct but Hughes’ campaign is very well funded so I guess they can afford to chase the couple dozen votes they may be able to get in the precinct.

The fake newspaper was full of fear mongering about liberals, some obvious race baiting, a strangely large number of pictures of Hughes, and a huge list of bio information about him that has nothing to do with his ability to serve on the court. The most important tidbit is that he strongly admires the decisions of Justice Thomas which to me is a resounding reason to not vote for him.

I uploaded the entire mailer to be viewed and have a separate discussion up for each of the pages.

View the whole mailer here. 

Read about the front page here. 

Page two here. 

Page three here. 

Page four here. 

Page five here.

Page six here. 

Page seven here.

Lastly page eight here. 

Update: I noticed people were searching whether Hughes was married so I posted about that here.