What’s on my Ballot? December 8th Edition.

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

On Saturday, December 8th, we have an election in Louisiana. Being a month after the presidential election it is likely that the turn-out will be very very low. My ballot has three races on it, all judges.

Associate Justice Supreme Court, 5th Supreme Court District  (Select 1)
John Michael Guidry #24 Democrat
Jeff Hughes #26 Republican

I have covered the Supreme Court race very intensely.  A vote for Hughes would put a conservative majority on a State Supreme Court that will likely be hearing the case on Jindal’s terrible education “reforms.” A vote for Hughes could lead to the further damage of our public school system.

Judge, Court of Appeal 1st Circuit, 2nd Dist., Subdist. 1, Div. B  (Select 1)
Gideon T. Carter, III #36 Democrat
“Mike” McDonald #37 Republican

Carter has a website and McDonald the incumbent has a facebook page but not a website I could readily find.

I will likely vote for Carter because the democratic party endorsement is likely to indicate that his interpretation of the constitution is more likely to mirror Ginsburg than Scalia and therefore more likely to be something I support.  Neither of their online presences give much info beyond a basic bio and their party affiliation.

City Judge City Court, ES 2E, City of Baton Rouge  (Select 1)
Tiffany Foxworth #83 Democrat
Suzan S. Ponder #85 Republican

Both Foxworth and Ponder have websites.

Neither of them has any info that really gives a reason to vote for one or the other. I wish they would give their opinions about sentencing policy.