Capicola Ham Wrapped Tilapia

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

For dinner tonight I made tilapia with capicola ham. Basically I took tilapia fillets and put some Italian seasoning on them using a Italian herb and spices grinder. I sat them on some capicola ham, layered like fish scales. On the top I put another layer of ham- also fish scale style.

I cooked them for a few minutes. Flipped. Added butter. Cooked a few more minutes.

Then I did each side under the broiler until the ham crisped up some and the fish was cooked through.

We ate it with a boxed pasta side that we happened to get on clearance at target, lemony pasta.

It turned out very tasty. It kept the fish really moist which is a problem I have with tilapia a lot. The ham crisped up nicely in parts to add some texture but it was inconsistent. I think that if I make it again I may sear the ham in a hot pan instead of under a broiler for better crisping and to form a better crust (for lack of a better word) on the fish. Plus I think it would make a neater look than the broiling method.

Tilapia with Capicola Ham