Violence Against Women Act Expires Because of House GOP

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

The violence against women act that provides resources for women who are victims of domestic abuse, rape, etc has expired. It happened because the Senate (with bipartisan support) wanted to make sure it protected undocumented women, native american women living on reservations, and lgbt women. The GOP in the house thought that ensuring those women were protected was unacceptable.

Republicans, if you don’t want people to say you have a war on women maybe it would be advisable to pass the violence against women act even if it protects women who you think are icky. Because guess what, lesbian women do experience domestic violence too and they deserve the protections a heterosexual woman would get. And undocumented women shouldn’t be afraid to report if they are raped. And taking away some measure of security from all women cause you don’t like those groups? Well that is a war on women if I ever saw one.