Will Chris Christie Leave the GOP?

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I think at this point Christie knows he can’t go through the GOP’s nominating process for president. I mean he said Obama did a good job with Sandy. Plus he isn’t nearly pure enough on social conservatism issues. (Basically he doesn’t hate gays loudly)

So what else is there for him after he is done being governor if he can’t get nominated as the GOP’s presidential candidate?

The Senate. He could be a senator. Thing is, in New Jersey, he may be stronger running as a Dem than in the GOP. Plus he has already screamed at the republicans in congress over Sandy so there is a pretty strong rift forming.

So might Christie ditch the party that he is drifting away from and which left his state high and dry during their disaster? It might be a strong choice for him since he is more favorably viewed by Democrats and Independents than by Republicans.