The State of the Union – Midterm Prep

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Obama is aware that the house GOP is not going to ever be cooperative with him at any level. They don’t want to pass disaster relief. They are being terrible dicks about the violence against women act. They won’t pass infrastructure upgrades. Heck they won’t even vote on most things. 

They keep refusing to cooperate to the point of driving the country off a cliff. Threatening government shutdowns. Threatening to not raise the debt limit. Essentially just being obstructionists and insane. They control one house of one branch of the federal government and completely paralyze the whole thing. 

So Obama knows that any agenda points he presents that require congress are impossible. What does that turn his SOTU into? Midterm prep.

The administration knows that the vast majority of their agenda requires the democrats to take congress back. In order to do that, the democrats need a strategy. Watching the state of the union, I think that strategy is to make Boehner make an impossible choice. 

Obama proposed a lot of stuff that the sane part of the GOP (the ones who live in swing districts) would want to vote for. A higher minimum wage. (which surprised everyone, I am sure the GOP is still scrambling for a response to it) Upgrading infrastructure. Closing tax loopholes. 

The insane tea party branch of the GOP will undoubtedly squawk in terror at all of that. They have a history of opposing min wages. (Ron Paul said it should be eliminated) Goodness knows that federal spending on infrastructure isn’t something they are fond of. And closing tax loopholes? Well Norquist has said that violates his anti tax pledge. 

So now Boehner has to choose. Either he can help out the swing district members of his parties by working with the democrats to vote on popular things or he can give in to the tea party. He helps the swing district members and the party becomes further divided and the GOP purity tests out their moderates and destroys themselves. Or he gives in to the tea party and costs them swing seats. 

Obama also talked about practical gun reform (background checks, high capacity magazine bans etc). His focus was that gun violence victims deserved congress to at least vote on things and not just ignore it. So when they don’t vote on anything that helps out some for 2014 as well. 

In summary, the state of the union is about laying the groundwork for 2014. Because goodness knows the House GOP will keep Obama from getting anything done.