Insomnia Sewing Project- A Dress out of a T-shirt

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

You know those T-shirts they sell in truck stops with wolves and the moon on them? I had one like that with a unicorn (and a moon) on it. It was a trusty sleep shirt but I am not generally inclined to wear an oversized T-shirt out and about so no one was getting to see that particular piece of unicorn clothing I own.

I had been toying with the idea of turning into a mini-dress for a while. I knew it wouldn’t make a very long dress, but I figured it would make something I could wear with leggings length wise. Though not with my unicorn leggings, that would be madness!

Tonight I couldn’t sleep. I had read everything on my rss feed, looked at twitter, even glanced at reddit. I decided it was high time to make that dress, especially since I had seen a perfect zipper and some purple thread while I was unpacking craft supplies.

(sorry about the crummy mirror pictures, at 4 am my picture taking options aren’t great)

Unicorn dress

A bit about the process of making it and the other pictures after the cut.

Making this dress was  very much a trial and error process. I started by cutting the sleeves off and cutting a one inch gap that tapered down to just a slit down the back of the shirt the length of the zipper. (22 inches) I started pinning the zipper to the back of the shirt and quickly realized that I would need to cut down the sides and open the shirt up in order to sew it on.

I cut down the sides.  There was no seam to cut along so I just went as straight down from the middle of the sleeve hole as I could manage.

Next I sewed the zipper on. I ended up with a slit a little longer than the zipper was and had to sew it back together. Luckily it didn’t cause a big problem on the back of the dress-

Unicorn dress

Once the zipper was on I put the dress over my head and started pinning it together to get an idea of where to put the side seam. It was pretty tricky to do and I had to take it off and repin in the same locations so that it was pinned in a sewable manner instead of just however I could stick them in there with it on me.

I sewed a long the pin line and got the bottom hem to come together evenly! Yay!

Then I had an error to fix as I had a serious side boob problem on the sleeves. I added an extra couple inches of seam and tried it back on.

The side boob was gone but I had a weird puff of fabric at chest level on either side. I took it back off and moved the seam a little to smooth it out. Instead it moved the weird puff down to waist level. Another slight seam adjustment finally got it nice and smooth and the result is this adorable fitted dress.

Unicorn dress