Jugglefest 2013

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

This year I went with my family to Jugglefest in Austin. I don’t juggle but my sister and dad both do.

The first evening of the festival is the renegade show. It is sort of like an open-mic night for jugglers and other similar performers. I wore my cool vintage dress to the show.

Getting Ready at Jugglefest

There was juggling of clubs and canes. A guy stood on a girl who was doing a backbend and juggled. There was ring and ball juggling as well. A guy made a sandwich with his feet and a woman from the audience ate it! A guy did great diabolo.

Oh, and a guy totally jumped through a hoop lined with mousetraps!

The last act of the shows was a guy stripping out of women’s clothing down to a thong and pasties while balancing a full glass on his forehead.

It was a pretty crazy show. All my pictures of it are a bit blurry because I couldn’t use the flash.

Renegade Show

The next day me, my brother and sister spent the day in the gym. Imagine an entire gym full of people juggling, standing on balancing things, and playing with other circus props. There was a tight rope, giant balls to stand on, essentially every juggling toy possible.

Since I don’t juggle, I played with a diabolo, practiced standing on a rola bola/ balancing board, and practiced with a hoop some. I tried to walk across a tight rope but it is insanely hard. I stood on a giant ball with some help from my sister.

My sister stood on a giant ball and juggled at the same time and she also stood on a rola bola, juggled and hooped at the same time.

Erin on a giant ball

The gym was full of people doing amazing things. A guy was balancing an insanely long pole on his head with a ball on top of it.  The guy who owns the giant ball stood on it and jumped rope!

We did an acrobalance workshop. It was really neat, I balanced on my stomach on Erin’s feet.

There was so much going on it was hard to take it all in. Everywhere you looked there was something going on. People were playing a game where they stood in a circle, started juggling clubs, and then rushed at each other so they others would drop their clubs.

It all took place at the Texas school for the deaf which happened to be right off South Congress. We walked to a fish taco place near by for lunch and visited an antique shop and a circus themed candy shop. It reminded me of how cool Austin is and by extension how lame Baton Rouge is…

The Saturday night show for jugglefest is a huge production. With jugglers, jump ropers, a trick roper, two people crowd surfing inside giant plastic balls which were inflated with leaf blowers, and more it was an amazing evening. They sell DVD’s of it so they asked us not to take pictures. I took a few pictures before that but because of it I don’t have any pictures of the giant balls going over the crowd..

It was an amazing festival and well worth going to. My pictures of the event are up on my flickr.