Very Very Sequined Shoes- DIY

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

These shoes were quite the undertaking! I had a pair of silver shoes that were getting kind of worn down. They were losing some of the silver finish on the outside of the shoes. I decided it was time to spruce them up.

I started out with some quick dry tacky glue. I glued a wide assortment of sequins (both a variety of colors and shapes) on to the shoes using it. I bought both some plain sequins and a variety pack which included butterfly shapes, flowers, birds, stars, leaves, etc. I tried to get a nice variation of sequins on to it.

After the glue started to dry, I put a coating of glossy mod podge on to the shoes.

Unfortunately the sequins shifted some and I ended up having to use some more glue to shift back the empty spots that had created. (E6000 glue this time)

Then I let them dry over night.

I added a few more sequins to the outside of the shoe in order to clean up any empty spots.

Then I put on another layer of mod podge.

Once that dried I put on glitter nail polish. (of a wide range of colors and sorts of glitter)

I added a last layer of mod-podge.

The final shoes are super rainbow glittery-awesomeness and they look like something out of a Katy Perry music video! Hopefully they will hold up well with wear.

Sequined Shoes