A Quick Review of Zapata’s Mexican Grill in Baton Rouge

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

On our way to see Oz the Great and Powerful, Josh and I stopped at Zapata’s. 

We had seen it for a while but hadn’t gotten around to going there. On our way in we saw a sign explaining that on Friday nights they had a Mariachi band there. Which is pretty neat.

Since we were going straight to the movie, we didn’t want to have excess food to bring home so we split an entree. We got the “plato el paso” which included a chile relleno, a beef tostada, a beef enchilada (which they substituted with a cheese enchilada for us), a beef taco, a beef burrito and a beef flauta for $12.99. It was a ton of food. Good cheesy heavy hearty -and a bit typically tex-mex-ish- Mexican food. It was tasty, but like cookies, certainly a sometimes food.

The fried elements, the shell of the flauta, the tostada, the chips, were all crispy and fresh tasting. Often the shell under something like a flauta doesn’t taste straight out of the fryer but theirs was.

Plus they used really good cheese.

Though the one thing I judge all Mexican and Mexican-ish restaurants on is chip and dip quality. They passed with flying colors. The salsa was quite good and they also served with their chips and salsa an amazingly tasty black bean dip. The bean dip was good enough to guarantee I will be back there.

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