Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HB93-102

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am going to be giving a quick 2-3 (sometimes more for more interesting bills) sentence summary of each of the Louisiana State House and Senate 2013 Bills. I will be doing about 10 an entry and a few entries a day until I get caught up. Once I am caught up, I will cover new bills as they are filed. This entry covers House Bills 93- 102.

House Bill 93 (HB93)- (Thierry) Authorizes court costs up to $20 for the Opelousas City Court with the funds from such to go to a fund for services for juvenile delinquents, children in need of supervision, families in need of services, and similar items.

House Bill 94 (HB94)-  (Garofalo) A proposed constitutional amendment which states that any money received for violations associated with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill shall be deposited to the Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund for integrated coastal protection efforts, including coastal restoration, hurricane protection, and improving the resiliency of the La. Coastal Area affected by the oil spill.

House Bill 95 (HB95)- (Dixon) Specifies age based eligibility for public school admission or readmission and specifies that admission or readmission may not be denied based on the student previously withdrawing from school, being pregnant, being married, or being a parent.

House Bill 96 (HB96)- (Broadwater) lets the board of commissioners of waterworks district appoint a fiscal agent for up to three years instead of for just one

House Bill 97 (HB97)- (Harris) Requires the legislative fiscal office to analyze the general appropriations bill and report on (an make available online for the public) increases, decreases, and other changes from previous years. Update: This bill was withdrawn on 3/21

House Bill 98 (HB98)- (J. Thompson) would allow sheriffs (who can only currently issued concealed handgun permits good in their parishes) to enter into deals with other parishes to make multi parish permits. Would also exclude any info on such permits from any public records search and penalize the revealing of such info without a court order. – Similar to the HB8 which also seeks to prevent any FOIA requests related to gun permits.

House Bill 99 (HB99)- (Schexnayder) gets rid of the law that established the Garyville Timbermill Museum (and presumably without the law establishing it and its funding source and its board, gets rid of the museum as well- I was going to link to a website for the museum but it does not appear to have one, it may already not be running due to lack of funding.)

House Bill 100 (HB100)- (Harrison) changes from one fund (video draw poker device purse supplement fund) to another (Horse Industry Economic Sustainability Fund) for deposit of proceeds from specific gambling ventures. States that the dedication and uses of the proceeds will not change.

House Bill 101 (HB101)-  (Harrison) Constitutional amendment which allows for transfer by the state treasurer of funds appropriated to a state agency other than the agency which has the legal authority to perform the purpose, function, or program being funded. So if the wrong agency gets money for a project it can be transferred without legislative action. As a constitutional amendment, this will require voter approval.

House Bill 102 (HB102)- (Harrison) Constitutional amendment which would restrict the inclusion of non-monetary provisions in an appropriations bill to cases where those provisions are for imposing limits, conditions, qualifications or restrictions on spending funds in said bill.