On the Impending Google Reader Death

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

When Google decided to kill Reader, I am sure they looked at the number of users and thought it wasn’t worth keeping. What I am not sure they did however was looked at who those users were.

Google Reader is trending on twitter and the decision to kill reader is front and center all over the internet. A friend went so far as to joke that Google was stealing the new Pope’s spotlight. The reason for this extreme focus?

The people who write blogs and are most active on twitter are exactly the ones using twitter. (Along with more traditional journalists – Ezra Klein voiced his dismay on twitter) Essentially Google has upset the people on the internet who like to produce content, because those were the people using reader to make their content production easier.

Not only does this mean that a lot of content will be produced about their decision. (Including the pretty close to true suggestion that had Google announced this at SXSW they wouldn’t have left Austin alive) It also means that content producers are going to be annoyed at Google from now until they settle into new RSS readers and possibly beyond if they are reminded by their new reader’s failures of what they lost. Whether it’s conscious or not, the content producers who are annoyed with Google for removing reader and making their jobs harder will undoubtedly have that color their reporting on Google.

It doesn’t help that no one seriously believes reader costs enough to run for it to be important to Google to cut for financial reasons.

It probably won’t help but sign the petition if you are a reader user.