Double Take Legislation

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

These are all pieces of legislation that made me do a double take and ask “Really, Louisiana? REALLY?” Not necessarily the worst bills, just the ones I was most inclined to go “REALLY?” when I read them.  

REALLY? magic separate system to exclude our state from federal law. Cause that is totally how it works…

House Bill 45 (HB45)-  (Lopinto)  This law creates a separate system for firearms manufactured in Louisiana for sale in Louisiana and claims there is no federal authority to regulate them. It establishes guidelines for manufacturing licenses as well as creating a system surrounding retail. It states that they are exempt from any federal registration requirements. It also creates an alternative background check system designed to exclude the FBI. This is a bill designed to pick a fight with the federal government not unlike HB 5.

Really?? All justices of the peace have to impound livestock at large? Seems pretty far outside the usual justice of the peace duties.

House Bill 72 (HB72)-  (Hensgens) requires all sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, constables, marshals and justices of the peace to take custody of and impound any livestock found roaming at large upon certain state highways and increases the daily amount charged to owners for feed and care of animals from $2 to $6.

Really? I am going to have to show ID and go to the pharmacy counter for cold meds now??

House Bill 82 (HB82)- (Hill) limits the sale of dextromethorphan (the active ingredient in robotussin) – annoyingly this would mean you have to show an ID and likely deal with it being behind a counter and such to buy cough meds containing it, which is an obnoxious hassle to have to deal with over teen robotripping paranoia

Really? NO limits? How long until Toledo Bend is completely devoid of fish?

House Bill 109 (HB109)- (Howard) Removes the recreational fishing possession limits for Toledo Bend Reservoir and the authority of the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission to establish such limits by rule.

REALLY? Cause no little town will buy completely insane useless textbooks at all…

House Bill 116 (HB116)- (Hoffman) Moves all responsibility and authority surrounding public school textbooks (for elementary through high school- not college) from the state to the local level.

Really? We need a bill to make sure LSU freshman have precious, precious football tickets??

House Bill 144 (HB144)- (Terry Brown) Requires LSU to make available to each first time entering freshman (enrolled full time) at least one student ticket for purchase to attend each football game held in the LSU stadium. Tickets not bought during the student ticket purchase time frame laid out in the law will then be available to be sold to the general public.

Really? Nothing weirdly un-separated about using prisoners to work on churches at all?

Senate Bill 8 (SB8)– (Gallot) Adds church and other religious buildings to the list of places which a sheriff can have a willing prisoner do manual labor.  (It says willing prisoner but I really am skeptical that on a practical level they have much choice in the situation)

REALLY? Why is this notification the state’s job???

Senate Bill 23 (SB23)-   (Peacock) changes the area which is used to determine whether the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission is required to notify existing motorcycle dealers of a new or relocated dealership selling the same motorcycles from being based on areas surrounding existing dealerships to being based on the area surrounding the location for the new or relocated dealership. I really am confused by this present law honestly. Why do they have to notify existing dealers that they have new competition? How is this something that is required by law?

REALLY? NO state income tax for corporations???

House Bill 178 (HB178)- (Talbot) Completely repeals the state income tax for corporations and also repeals the franchise tax for corporations.

House Bill 441 (HB441)– (Robideaux) Completely repeals corporate income and corporate franchise taxes.

Really? We need to make it illegal for a pawnshop to buy a gold ring with immediate payment?

House Bill 188 (HB188)- (Ponti) Would not allow any secondhand dealer to pay for a precious metal object (gold, iridium, palladium, platinum, or silver) with cash. They would be required to mail a check to the address on the photo ID of the seller after waiting at least 5 days. This seems like a huge, huge problem for pawn shops.

Really? You want to let rich areas have their own separate school districts with as little hassle as possible?

House Bill 206 (HB206)-  (Reynolds) This is a constitutional amendment which would make it so that school districts can be created without being “parish” school districts. Essentially this would allow for the creation of multiple mini-districts within a parish. The creation of such districts would be subject to voter approval. I think this is very concerning as it would make it easier for wealthier areas to separate their schools from poorer areas leaving the poorer areas with even less resources

Really? You think desperately poor people can afford co-pays and deductibles??

House Bill 251 (HB251)-  (Talbot) Would put into place “cost-sharing” requirements (co-pays, deductibles, etc) for medicaid recipients as well as limit non emergency visits to emergency rooms. The law will be subject to limitations based on federal regulations.

Really? We need a state where the rich don’t pay income taxes and the poor shoulder the burden through an increase sales tax? That’s what you think people want?

House Bill 271 (HB271)– (Greene) Phases out the individual state income tax over the course of ten years with the amount paid going down 10% per year. (Part of Jindal’s Tax Swap plan is to get rid of income tax in favor of higher sales taxes- which is bad for the poor, the middle class, and essentially everyone but the wealthy- I wrote about his plan here)

Really? We aren’t already prioritizing high traffic bridges? I feel super justified in avoiding the old scary Lake Charles I-10 bridge now.

House Bill 351 (HB351)- (Leopold) Would require the DOTD to prioritize high traffic bridges when setting priorities for highway construction.  (Shouldn’t the DOTD have the sense to do this automatically?)

Really? We need to try and pick fights with federal health care laws?

House Bill 429 (HB429)- (Hollis) This constitutional amendment

1) prohibits a law or rule from compelling, directly or indirectly, anyone  (person, employer, or health care provider) to participate in a health care system

2) authorizes a person or employer to pay directly for health care services and provides that they shall not be required to pay penalties or fines for paying directly.

3) authorizes a health care provider to accept direct payment for health care services and provides that the health care provider shall not be required to pay penalties or fines for accepting direct payment.

4)  States that the purchase or sale of health insurance in private health care systems shall not be prohibited by law or rule.

Essentially this bill seems to be designed partly to pick a fight with the federal government over the affordable care act. (see point one through three). And also to preemptively pick a fight over any possible single payer health care system (see point four).

REALLY? A special guns only tax holiday???

House Bill 496 (HB496)– (Mack) Creates an annual sales tax holiday during the last week of October which applies only to consumer purchases of firearms and ammunition manufactured in Louisiana.

Really? Is it time to be Wisconsin and have the Capitol full of very, very upset public workers?

House Bill 552 (HB552)– (Seabaugh) Removes the ability for union fees to be an authorized deduction from a public employees paycheck. (ACK! This is really bad for the future of our already limited collective bargaining in the state)

Really? French on birth certificates is a priority.

House Bill 602 (HB602)- (Ortego)  Requires Louisiana birth certificates to have all text written in both English and French


–to be periodically updated–