Fantasy League Bills

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

These pieces of legislation are my own personal legislative fantasy leagues, bills I am especially excited about. 

Because I don’t trust our governors one bit:

House Bill 19 (HB19)–  (Richard) Makes governor’s office records subject to public records laws. Provides for certain interoffice communications to be privileged and for that privilege to lapse after 10 years from creation of the document. Requires governor’s documents to be turned over to the state archive. Currently the governor’s records are not subject to public record laws.

Because I don’t like the traffic cameras:

House Bill 47 (HB47)-  (Hollis) parishes or municipalities can only send automated traffic violation notices if the vehicle is registered to an address in an area that uses such automated systems as well.

House Bill 217 (HB217)-  (Arnold) Would require any camera based fines (red light tickets, speed cams) to be approved by the local electorate and any areas with them already in place could operate them only until July 1, 2014 without holding an election. This would likely get rid of these systems if it passed as basically no voters are going to approve them

Because it’s just the right thing to do:

House Bill 85 (HB85)- (Badon) Would prohibit discrimination in state employment based on sexual orientation  gender identity or gender expression.

Because the current penalties are INSANELY harsh:

House Bill 103 (HB103)- (Badon) This bill reduces the penalties for second, third, and later offenses for possession of marijuana. It also removes marijuana possession from the violations that can be used to establish sentencing under the Habitual Offender law. It also has a provision to allow for motions to reconsider sentences for those sentenced under the old legal sentencing.

Because poor people need health care:

House Bill 110 (HB110)-  (Norton) Would require Louisiana to participate in the Medicaid expansion laid out by the Affordable Care Act.

House Bill 233 (HB233)- (P. Smith) Requires Louisiana to opt in to the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act and includes a legislative reporting process related to Medicaid to be put into place.  There is another medicaid opt in bill (HB110) but it does not include the reporting process.

Because a safety course is a reasonable requirement:

House Bill 141 (HB141)- (Badon) Makes it unlawful for a federal firearms license holder to sell a firearm to someone without verification that they have completed a firearms safety or training course. Also makes it unlawful to forge verification of such completion. The seller will not be liable by acts by the purchaser unless they knew at the time that it was unlawful for the person to purchase a firearm.

Because… cookies are tasty? Really I just am tickled by this bill:

Senate Bill 18 (SB18)-  (Ward) Any cakes or cookies made in the home for sale (as long as they don’t sell more than $50,000 worth of them in a year) are not subject to health/ sanitation code requirements. The Dept of Revenue has to let the Dept of Health know about any producers in excess of the $50,000 amount.

Because there is no place for creationism in public schools:

Senate Bill 26 (SB26)-  (Peterson) Repeals the “Louisiana Science Education Act”  which allows the use of supplemental material in science classes to introduce alternative theories of established science, often thought of as a law to allow creationism under the guise of “intelligent design” into public schools. This is not the first repeal effort.

Because we need to do something about these problems in our state:

Senate Bill 35 (SB35)-  (Heitmeier) Requires the Dept of Health and Hospitals to come up with and report on  action plans for diabetes and obesity.

Because felon disenfranchisement is crummy:

House Bill 175 (HB175)- (P. Smith) Limits the “suspension of voting rights” due to a felony to the period when a person is confined in a corrections facility. So felons would no longer be banned from voting during parole/ probation/ etc.

House Bill 458 (HB458)-  (Hunter) Repeals law that suspend voting rights based on conviction of a felony and allows voting absentee by mail for incarcerated individuals, including those convicted of felonies.

Because I don’t want my employer to be able to demand my facebook login information:

House Bill 314 (HB314)– (James) Creates the Social Media Privacy Protection Act which prohibits employers from requiring access to a employee or applicant employee’s social media account. Employers can require access to services they are paying for as part of employment and are permitted to terminate employees who share proprietary info without authority to do so. The law shall not prevent investigations into misconduct. The employer can monitor web activity on employer devices but not when using employees own device on employers wifi. Does not protect from looking at any info publicly available without a login. Educational institutes are prohibited from requiring access to a student or prospective student’s social media account. They can require access to services they are paying for as part of educational purposes. Does not protect anything in the public domain for student’s either. This Act creates both a misdemeanor and grounds for civil suits.

Because the gender pay gap needs fixing:

House Bill 453 (HB453)–  (Norton) Creates a Louisiana Equal Pay for Women Act which states that  paying unequal wages based on sex “unjustly discriminates against the person receiving the lesser rate, leads to low morale, threatens the well-being of the citizens of this state, and adversely affects the general welfare.” It also sets out all the regulations for legal recourse based on such sex based pay discrimination

Because I don’t want the private prison industry buying candidates:

House Bill 498 (HB498)- (N. Landry)  Prohibits anyone who has contracted or is seeking to contract with the state or any political subdivision of the state to house prisoners from making campaign contributions in support of or opposition to candidates (or related political committees) for governor, legislator, or sheriff or to officials who hold those positions. Sets up penalties for the violation of the prohibition.

Because this problem needs to be addressed:

House Bill 570 (HB570)– (G Jackson) Creates a tax credit for businesses that sell fresh produces in food deserts. (as designated by the dept of agriculture)


–to be periodically updated as new bills are filed–