Focus Topic- Environment

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

These bills relate to the environment

House Bill 32 (HB32)-  (Thibaut)dedicates 10% of the state’s income from activity on water bottoms of False River(up to $100,000 per year) to operation, management, and improvements, (including aquatic plant control) of the lake

House Bill 94 (HB94)-  (Garofalo) A proposed constitutional amendment which states that any money received for violations associated with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill shall be deposited to the Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund for integrated coastal protection efforts, including coastal restoration, hurricane protection, and improving the resiliency of the La. Coastal Area affected by the oil spill.

House Bill 109 (HB109)- (Howard) Removes the recreational fishing possession limits for Toledo Bend Reservoir and the authority of the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission to establish such limits by rule.

House Bill 118 (HB118)– (Champagne) A constitutional amendment to require that any money received by the state as a result of legal violations in the Deepwater Horizion oil spill go into the Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund.

House Bill 142 (HB 142)- (Dove) Adds an exemption to the requirement that crab traps have two escape rings for traps which are made of wire mesh 2 5/16 inch square or larger.

Senate Bill 39 (SB39)-  (Long)  Requires the payment of fees for nonexclusive geophysical permits to the office of mineral resources.

House Bill 208 (HB208)-  (Pylant) Creates an exemption to a requirement of a licensed well driller for wells drilled on private property, to a depth no less than 200 feet, when the water will be used solely for agricultural purposes on that person’s property.

House Bill 215 (HB215)- (Hensgens)  Extends hunting restrictions to prohibit hunting deer (and other quadrupeds) while the animal is swimming or the hunter is in a watercraft. For the current law, it applies only if both of those conditions are the case and applies only to limited watercrafts.

House Bill 236 (HB236)-  (Leopold) Considerable increases for penalties due to violations of laws regulating oyster harvest.

House Bill 245 (HB245)-  (Lambert) Would reduce non-resident hunting and fishing license fees to be the same as the fees for residents. Effective only until Jan 2016 at which point the fees would return to their current rates.

House Bill 307 (HB307)– (Lambert) The stay of a final permit action in a decision by the dept of environmental quality may only be ordered after notice has been sent and there has been an opportunity for a hearing.

House Bill 345 (HB345)- (Garofalo) Extends the law requiring permits for commercial harvest of oysters on state seed grounds from ending in 2013 to 2016

House Bill 376 (HB376)– (S. Bishop) Allows fees for mooring vessels in the Atchafalaya Delta WMA and specifies that those fees will be used for development, construction, maintenance, and dredging of the mooring sites in the Atchafalaya Delta WMA.

House Bill 378 (HB378)– (Leger) Increases the fees for the licensing of charter boat fishing guides as well as increasing the day fishing license cost for passengers on a charter fishing boat trip.

House Bill 413 (HB413)-  (Reynolds) Dedicates ten percent of the state’s mineral income at Lake Bistineau to operate/manage/improve the lake.

House Bill 445 (HB445)- (Lambert) Sets up a system of deposits and refunds for metal and glass beverage containers including setting up a system for redemption centers.

House Bill 493 (HB493)– (St. Germain)  Requires the commissioner of conservation to make rules to govern solution mining injection wells and solution mined caverns. Lays out a minimum of 10 issues that the rules need to address such as monitoring of existing caverns, submission of post-closure plans, etc.  (I wonder if this bill is a response to the ongoing Bayou Corne sinkhole disaster.)

House Bill 494 (HB494)– (St. Germain) Adds proximity of property to a salt dome containing solution mining and storage caverns to the list of required disclosures by someone selling a property. (Possible this bill is partly in response to the Bayou Cornesinkhole disaster)

House Bill 502 (HB502)– (Burford) Allows the nighttime hunting of outlaw quadrupeds (coyotes, armadillos and feral hogs), nutria, and beaver on private property by the landowner or his agent year round. Requires 24 hour notice to the parish sheriff before an attempt to take outlaw quadrapeds.

House Bill 520 (HB520)– (Robideaux) This is a constitutional amendment to exclude’s the first $1000 worth of a natural resource severed from soil or water from the ad valorem tax on resources severed from the soil or water.
House Bill 529 (HB529)– (Barrow) This constitutional amendment would impose a 5 cent tax on single use plastic shopping bags.
House Bill 577 (HB577)– (Billiot)  Requires commercial vehicles to have their load covered in a manner that prevents waste from falling or blowing off the vehicle in order to have the waste accepted at a commercial solid waste disposal facility.
House Bill 591 (HB591)- (S Bishop) Removes old dates and expired measures from the waste tire management law. Repeals some other measures of the law and puts some new procedures into place to clarify the recycling of used tires.
House Bill 593 (HB593)– (Pope) Allows a student at a Louisiana high school who is not a Louisiana resident to purchase a Louisiana hunting license at the resident cost.

–to be periodically updated as new bills are filed–