Focus Topic- Firearms

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

These bills all are firearm related.

House Bill 4 (HB4)- (Norton) makes it a crime to store a firearm in a way where it is not either rendered inoperable by a locking mechanism or stored in a locked box.

House Bill 5 (HB5)- (Jim Morris) This bill pre-emptively picks a fight with the federal government. It seeks to prohibit enforcement of any federal ban or registration requirement for any semi-automatic firearm, magazine, accessory or ammunition. It would seek to punish federal agents who enforced such laws in the state with up to a $5000 fine and/or up to 2 years imprisonment. It would also require the Louisiana state attorney general to defend any Louisiana resident charged under such a law. Note the inclusion of magazine- this is significant as one of the main gun control pieces being discussed is a high capacity magazine ban. Also note that they are opposed to not only a ban but to any registration laws as well.

House Bill 6 (HB6)- (Schroder) currently police officers are only exempt from laws prohibiting guns on school properties if they are in performance of their official duties. This would extend their exemption to include when they are off duty.

House Bill 8 (HB8) -(J. Thompson) prohibits release of information associated with concealed handgun permits or applications for such without a court order. Creates penalties for anyone who releases such information including up to a $5000 fine and/or up to two years imprisonment. I would guess this is response to the New York newspaper which used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain information on gun permits.

House Bill 21 (HB21)– (H. Burns) Requires certain types of information regarding a person’s mental health to be collected and sent to DPS&C and the FBI. Essentially if a court has information that a person has a mental health reason to not be able to possess a firearm (like if they were acquitted in a criminal trial due to insanity), they have to share that information with the appropriate agencies promptly.

House Bill 45 (HB45)-  (Lopinto) This law creates a separate system for firearms manufactured in Louisiana for sale in Louisiana and claims there is no federal authority to regulate them. It establishes guidelines for manufacturing licenses as well as creating a system surrounding retail. It states that they are exempt from any federal registration requirements. It also creates an alternative background check system designed to exclude the FBI. This is a bill designed to pick a fight with the federal government not unlike HB 5.

House Bill 48 (HB48)-  (H. Burns) extends exemption for law enforcement officers to carry a firearm in a bar from only when acting in an official capacity to include when they are off duty

House Bill 98 (HB98)- (J. Thompson) would allow sheriffs (who can only currently issued concealed handgun permits good in their parishes) to enter into deals with other parishes to make multi parish permits. Would also exclude any info on such permits from any public records search and penalize the revealing of such info without a court order. – Similar to the HB8 which also seeks to prevent any FOIA requests related to gun permits.

House Bill 141 (HB141)- (Badon) Makes it unlawful for a federal firearms license holder to sell a firearm to someone without verification that they have completed a firearms safety or training course. Also makes it unlawful to forge verification of such completion. The seller will not be liable by acts by the purchaser unless they knew at the time that it was unlawful for the person to purchase a firearm.

House Bill 265 (HB265)– (Ivey) Creates a legal system for issuing lifetime concealed handgun permits in addition to the current 5 year permits.

House Bill 277 (HB277)– (Lambert) Repeals a state law (which is in existence in order for the state to comply with federal law) which requires prior approval to possess certain specified types of firearms (includes, among other things, sawed off shotguns, weapons with the serial number removed, bazookas, etc) and also approval and notification of transfers of such weapons.

House Bill 475 (HB475)– (Mack) Specifies that the 19th Judicial District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any suit or civil action brought by the state against a firearm or ammunition manufacturer.

House Bill 496 (HB496)– (Mack) Creates an annual sales tax holiday during the last week of October which applies only to consumer purchases of firearms and ammunition manufactured in Louisiana.

–to be periodically updated as new bills are filed–