Focus Topic – Gaming and Alcohol

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

These are bills surrounding gaming and liquor. 

House Bill 146 (HB146)- (Adams) Number of video poker machines allowed at a gas station is determined by gallons of fuel sold. This bill states that if gallons of fuel sold goes down due to a non commercial cause, such as a force of nature or road construction issue, that the station may continue to have the same number of machines as based on the fuel amount sold before this non commercial cause. A new determination of the fuel sold amount will be made once the cause is resolved.

House Bill 187 (HB187)- (Thibaut) Increases the required number of days from 10 to 24 for horse racing at certain facilities. In order to have offtrack wagering, the tracks have to meet a minimum number of days per year of races. This law change is specific to facilities with revenue from slot machines limited to a certain expressly stated number of machines.

Senate Bill 38 (SB38)- (Cortez) doubles the threshold amount used to determine if money to be distributed as purses in horse racing is to be handled by the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association or retained for distribution by the association having the race meeting.

House Bill 126 (HB126)- (Hodges) Authorizes the office of alcohol and tobacco control to set up requirements for posting information about the National Human Trafficking Resources hotline and lets them suspend or revoke alcohol licenses for failure to comply with such.

House Bill 489 (HB489)- (Cox) Adds areas designated by the appropriate municipal authority as local historic landmark districts to the areas for which the commissioner is required to issue permits for low and high alcohol content beverages for restaurant establishments (as specified in the law).

House Concurrent Resolution 3 (HCR3)- (Huval) This is to have the House Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice and Senate Committee on Judiciary B meet to investigate the practicality and feasibility of legalized online gaming in the state with the joint committee to report on their findings.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 7 (SCR7)– (Mills) Encourages the Louisiana Lottery Corporation to create a new lottery ticket the proceeds from which would go to benefit veterans.


–to be periodically updated as new bills are filed–