Louisiana State House 2013 Session- HB 193-202

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am going to be giving a quick 2-3 (sometimes more for more interesting bills) sentence summary of each of the Louisiana State House and Senate 2013 Bills. I will be doing about 10 an entry and a few entries a day until I get caught up. Once I am caught up, I will cover new bills as they are filed. This entry covers House Bills 193-202.

House Bill 193 (HB193)- (Gisclair) Adds ship building and repairing to the list of activities that qualify as port or harbor activity for purposes of qualifying for the Ports of Louisiana tax credits.

House Bill 194 (HB194)- (Leger) Allows for the board of the universities in the state to raise tuition and fees (subject to guidelines set out by the board of regents) and requires any raises to be proceeded by establishing a system for financial hardship waivers.

House Bill 195 (HB195)- (Chaney) Requires more service years to have health and life insurance premiums to be 100% paid for new retirees of the Richland Parish Sheriff’s office and establish a level at which 50% is paid. Currently there are individuals who have 100% paid under the current law who if they had retired under the new system would not even get the 50% paid.

House Bill 196 (HB196)- (Thierry) Sets aside funds for a judgement in a DOTD case.

House Bill 197 (HB197)-  (Greene) Extends the way political subdivisions can be defined as financial at risk. Increases the authority of fiscal administrators appointed to these at risk subdivisions. Includes penalties for local officials who do not cooperate with/facilitate such a fiscal administrator. While it is distinct from the Michigan emergency manager law, this strikes me as something that could be headed in that horrible direction.

House Bill 198 (HB198)- (Jay Morris) Increases the authority of the insurance commissioner for granting credits to captive insurers.

House Bill 199 (HB199)- (Miller) Sets aside funds for a judgement in a DOTD case.

House Bill 200 (HB200)- (Anders) Adds to the licensing process for landscape architects the LA landscaping architect examination and establish how the question for that exam will be approved.

House Bill 201 (HB201)- (Foil) Sets aside funds for a judgement in a DOTD case.

House Bill 202 (HB202)- (Anders) Add the LA Dept of Agriculture and Forestry to the list of entities which can require an applicants social security number to apply for a license, permit, or certificate and also adds confidentiality requirements to the dept in relation to the social security numbers.