Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HB 233-242

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am going to be giving a quick 2-3 (sometimes more for more interesting bills) sentence summary of each of the Louisiana State House and Senate 2013 Bills. I will be doing about 10 an entry and a few entries a day until I get caught up. Once I am caught up, I will cover new bills as they are filed. This entry covers House Bills 233-242

House Bill 233 (HB233)- (P. Smith) Requires Louisiana to opt in to the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act and includes a legislative reporting process related to Medicaid to be put into place.  There is another medicaid opt in bill (HB110) but it does not include the reporting process.

House Bill 234 (HB234)-  (P. Williams) Requires dental prosthesis (bridges, dentures, etc) to be marked with patient identifying information.

House Bill 235 (HB235)-  (Badon)  Would raise the tax per pack of cigarettes from 36 cents to $1.41. 75% of the additional tax would go to a Tobacco Tax Health Care Fund. The other 25% would go to the New Orleans Regional Planning Commission.

House Bill 236 (HB236)-  (Leopold) Considerable increases for penalties due to violations of laws regulating oyster harvest.

House Bill 237 (HB237)-  (Jones) For full time employees who are not part of a public retirement system, governing authorities must provide social security coverage.

House Bill 238 (HB238)-  (P. Williams) The telecommunications tax for the telecommunications for the deaf fund is currently 5 cents a month and levied on all local phone lines. This would change it to 4 cents a month and being levied on local, long distance, pager and wireless lines.

House Bill 239 (HB239)-  (Shadoin) Names the highway 33 bridge over Bayou D’Arbonne Lake the “James Peyton Smith Bridge”

House Bill 240 (HB240)-  (Havard) Creates significant legislative oversight and regulation for privatization contracts for government agencies. Also requires public record law to apply to privatization contracts.

House Bill 241 (HB241)-  (Willmott) Expand the application of the law regarding medication attendants to include the office of aging and adult services in the department of health and hospitals. Also corrects outdated terms in the current law.

House Bill 242 (HB242)-  (Carter) Allows the state superintendent of education to individually adjust performance targets and thresholds in the state’s accountability system for the education voucher program.