Louisiana State House 2013 Session HB 343-352

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am going to be giving a quick 2-3 (sometimes more for more interesting bills) sentence summary of each of the Louisiana State House and Senate 2013 Bills. I will be doing about 10 an entry and a few entries a day until I get caught up. Once I am caught up, I will cover new bills as they are filed. This entry covers House Bills 343-352.

House Bill 343 (HB343)– (Edwards) Provides an exception for students not pursuing regular high school diplomas from being required to take any LEAP or school accountability test, including the ACT.

House Bill 344 (HB344)– (Foil) Authorizes certain increased and new tuition and fees to be put in place by LSU for LSU-Baton Rouge and the LSU School of Dentistry.

House Bill 345 (HB345)- (Garofalo) Extends the law requiring permits for commercial harvest of oysters on state seed grounds from ending in 2013 to 2016

House Bill 346 (HB346)– (Richard) In order to change the school performance score ranges used by the state’s school accountability system, approval must be gotten from the house and senate committees on education.

House Bill 347 (HB347)-  (Talbot) Repeals the tax credit for ad valorem (Value) taxes paid to political subdivisions on inventory.

House Bill 348 (HB348)– (Arnold) Further limits the time one has to bring an action against an FDIC insured holder of unclaimed property and also further limits the time an FDIC insured holder is required to maintain the supporting records of the unclaimed property report. Brings it from 10 years to approximately 3.

House Bill 349 (HB349)–  (Price) Gives the court discretion as to whether to impose a sentence of imprisonment for simple escape from work service. Also removes the provision which prohibits any sentence imposed for the simple escape from a work release program from running concurrently to any other sentence imposed.

House Bill 350 (HB350)– (Seabaugh)  Would exempt all retirement income from state income taxes. Currently the first $6000 annually for individuals over 65 is exempted.

House Bill 351 (HB351)- (Leopold) Would require the DOTD to prioritize high traffic bridges when setting priorities for highway construction.  (Shouldn’t the DOTD have the sense to do this automatically?)

House Bill 352 (HB352)– (Harrison) Replaces the Office of Elderly Affairs with the Dept of Elderly Affairs. Can not become effective until either one of the 20 Executive departments is abolished or an additional department is permitted through constitution amendment