Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HB 353-362

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am posting summaries of the Louisiana state bills in simple, easy to understand language.

This post covers House Bills 353- 362.

House Bill 353 (HB353)– (Dove) There is a law requiring a system for seeking the lowest bidder for public work contracts in excess of $15ok. There is an exception  to the law to raise that amount to a million dollars in place for work on certain levees which is set to expire. This bill extends that exception to 2016.

House Bill 354 (HB354)– (Kleckley) Would allow Calcasieu Parish tax collectors to collect quarterly estimated taxes.

House Bill 355 (HB355)– (Lebas) Currently people who can prescribe or dispense drugs can access the state prescription monitoring database. This bill would extend that access to people those people delegate. -In other words, allow your doctor’s assistant to access that database not just your doctor.

House Bill 356 (HB356)–  (Lebas) This bill defines of “compounded pharmacy generated product” as a drug product prepared by a pharmacy for distribution.

House Bill 357 (HB357)- (Guinn) Requires the communications towers which are at least 100 feet in height and within 1000 feet of or located in a cultivated field be marked with: 1) 2 warning spheres on each of the outside guy wires 2) contrasting appearance with surrounding vegetation where the wires anchor to the ground and 3) at least one 7-foot reflective safety sleeve along each guy wire up from the anchor point.

House Bill 358 (HB358)–  (Abramson)  Removes the date that sound recording tax credits law is set to expire and for Louisiana residents reduces the investment required for a tax credit from 15 to 5 thousand dollars.

House Bill 359 (HB359)– (M. Guillory) This bill requires physicians to register as users in the La. Electronic Event Registration System or any system that replaces that system.

House Bill 360(HB360)– (Shadoin) This bill adds vision insurance to the premiums covered for retired sheriffs and employees of the Lincoln Parish Sheriffs Office. Ups all premium coverage for these retirees from 50 to 100 percent.

House Bill 361 (HB361)- (Ritchie) There is an exception to the law prohibiting tracking an individual with a tracking device without his/her consent for parents tracking their minor children. This bill adds that that exception will only apply in the case of divorced/separated parents if both parents consent to the tracking.

House Bill 362 (HB362)– (M. Guillory) Doubles many of the time limits for filing a statement of claim or privilege based on the Private Works Act.