Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HB 363-372

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am posting summaries of the Louisiana state bills in simple, easy to understand language.

This post covers House Bills 363- 372.

House Bill 363 (HB363)– (Huval)  Withdrawn- had to do with the transfer of state property in St Martin Parish.

House Bill 364 (HB364)– (Berthelot) Creates a crime for forging motor vehicle inspection certificates and sets penalties for such a crime.

House Bill 365 (HB365)- (Dove) Extends the special limit of $1 million (instead of $150k) before having to abide by the public bid law for certain levee projects til 2016.

House Bill 366 (HB366)– (M. Guillory) Makes it a crime to recklessly (defined in the bill) discharge a firearm on or within 1000 feet of residential property in an unincorporated part of a parish. Sets penalties for the crime.

House Bill 367 (HB367)– (Adams) Authorizes the creation of pretrial services programs to help courts determine whether to release a defendant pre-trial, to determine bail/bond amounts, determine release conditions, etc. Also allows courts more freedom to decide whether to release someone pretrial as well as to impose various conditions upon that release.

House Bill 368 (HB368)- (Norton) Requires school principals to review school emergency plans annually and consider appropriate input at that time as well as requiring annual submission to the school board of the plan. Requires at least two plan rehearsal drills per year. Changes current authorization for school resource officers (school security cops) to a requirement that schools have them.

House Bill 369 (HB369)– (Kleckley) This bill adds to the required notice the tax assessor must give when the taxable assessment of property increases by more than 15% from the prior assessment. The notice will now have to also include the taxpayer’s property tax assessment and property value for the current year and the property tax assessment and property value for the previous year.

House Bill 370 (HB370)– (James) Changes the tax exemption for well cost for the horizontal well tax exemption from 100 to 50 % of the well cost.

House Bill 371 (HB371)– (Lopinto) Amends the law governing the discovery and inspection of certain types of evidence in criminal cases. Largely procedural changes- far too many and too varied to list here in a simplified format.

House Bill 372 (HB372)- (Whitney) Creates license plates for the Republican and Democratic parties of Louisiana.