Louisiana State House 2013 Session – HB 383-392

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am posting summaries of the Louisiana state bills in simple, easy to understand language.

This post covers House Bills 383- 392.

House Bill 383 (HB383)-  (Lopinto) Exempts the lease of a hospital in Jefferson Parish from laws requiring voter approval for such a lease.

House Bill 384 (HB384)– (Badon) Allows the city of New Orleans to require neighborhood districts to reimburse the city any election costs caused by those districts. Also allows the city to keep either 1% of the tax collected for those districts or the actual cost of collecting the tax, whichever is greater (rather than simply 1% as is the current law).

House Bill 385 (HB385)– (Hodges) Amends the procedures for post conviction relief. Lowers the time to file (except is specified circumstances, in which case due diligence to file in a timely manner must still be shown) from 2 years to one. Requires shell petitions (ones not containing any factual allegations) to be supplemented within 90 days or dismissed.  Repeals a provision requiring the court to ask the petitioner for reasons for his failure to raise claims at an appropriate time and to consider whether such failure was excusable. Changes certain provisions for which the court may deny relief to ones for which the court is required to deny relief.

House Bill 386 (HB386)– (Leopold) This bill states that the DOTD shall regulate the sponsorship of signs on state owned ferries, as well as all rights-of-way and assets of the department and that any rules and regulations will  be consistent with federal standards pursuant to Title 23 of the U.S. Code

House Bill 387 (HB387)– (Schroder) Protects public employees who provide information to a legislator or legislative committee upon request from being suspended, demoted, or dismissed as a result.

House Bill 388 (HB388)– (Abramson) Extends time for inspection of assessment lists in Orleans Parish from Aug 1 through Aug 15th to July 15th through Aug 15th

House Bill 389 (HB389)– (Abramson) For the Twinbrook Security District in Orleans Parish, increases the parcel fee from $500 to $575. Changes the fee’s expiration date to 2022.

House Bill 390 (HB390)- (Lebas) Clarifies the legal definition of colleges of pharmacy.

House Bill 391 (HB391)– (Lebas) Clarifies the powers of the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy as it relates to non resident pharmacists. Amends the law to require additional  oversight through disclosures and inspection reports for these non-resident pharmacists.

House Bill 392 (HB392)- (S. Bishop)  Specifies a credential system for managed care organizations participating in the Louisiana Medicaid coordinated care network program and also specifies a system related to claims payments for such.