Louisiana State House Session 2013 – HB 443-452

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I am posting summaries of the Louisiana state bills in simple, easy to understand language.

This post covers House Bills 443- 452.

House Bill 443 (HB443)– (Lopinto) Redefines the types of vehicles which are included in the definition of “all-terrain vehicle” to not include golf carts and four-wheel electric vehicles without vehicle identification numbers . Also clarifies that in relation to off road decals for a golf cart or four-wheel electric vehicle, the vehicle commissioner is permitted to provide a decal to a taxpayer who provides proof of payment of sales and use tax.

House Bill 444 (HB444)– (Burrell) Requires the House Ways and Means and Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committees to review tax credits and  make recommendations to either continue or terminate credits. Terminates all credits beginning Jan. 1, 2016. This bill covers a very wide range of tax credits (including the movie industry ones).

House Bill 445 (HB445)- (Lambert) Sets up a system of deposits and refunds for metal and glass beverage containers including setting up a system for redemption centers.

House Bill 446 (HB446)– (Champagne) This bill requires (rather than allows) the commissioner of administration to review the initial allocation of expenditures in the state operating budget by category. It also requires approval of the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget to change the initial allocation of expenditures.

House Bill 447 (HB447)– (Edwards) Establishes requirements for registration of vehicles in Louisiana based on  a broader set of criteria related to having establishing a residence in the state.

House Bill 448 (HB448)- (James)  Allows for additional city and municipal court costs to be collected in any matter where the use of alcohol was a factor involved in the commission of a crime with such additional fees to be dedicated to drug and alcohol related programs.

House Bill 449 (HB449)– (Burrell) Expands medicaid as laid out in the Affordable Care Act until Dec 31, 2016.

House Bill 450 (HB450)- (Ivey) Sets up a system related to workers compensation  both for cases in which there is a conflict with the medical director and for cases in which the recommended treatment is not outlined specifically in the medical treatment guidelines.

House Bill 451 (HB451)- (Barrow) Requires parents of newborns to be offered the whopping cough vaccine by hospitals (with exceptions for if those have already had the vaccine or for those who it would be medically inappropriate)

House Bill 452 (HB452)- (Fannin) Adds maintenance and operations of existing park areas to the list of allocations for the Louisiana State Parks Improvement and Repair Fund. Also authorizes a wide range of deposits into the state’s overcollections fund.