A List of Some of My Non-Bill Summary Writing

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I decided I should post some links to things I have written on my blog in the recent past that aren’t bill summaries since there are 60 + recent entries of just bill summaries and it makes it hard to quickly find any other entries..

Cochon Butcher Review 

Consequence of Constitutional Amendments

Spring Breakers Review

Thoughts on Pope Francis

How much I *heart* Houndmouth

A list of awesome videos of Cory Booker

A lament on the death of Google Reader

About escalating violence and riots

A review of Zapata’s Mexican restaurant

About how states want to arrest ATF agents

About the 24th amendment’s ratification in various states – or lack thereof 

A post on privilege in the way we make small talk

My experience with someone else’s internalized patriarchy 

On ratification of the 19th amendment

A review of Oz

A delicious comment on the new doritos tacos

Why I love crime drama

My personal 100-year political theory

About Jindal’s tax plan

On Chris Christie possibly ditching the GOP

About Jugglefest 2013 

Cool pictures of a very old anatomical model from Clay Adams- made in occupied Japan!

My sequin shoes DIY project

Some art projects using nail polish

A T-shirt into dress project

My experience at the February State Surplus Auction

The state of the union as midterm election prep 

Pictures of my homemade Sally Jupiter/ Silk Spectre I costume

And How Dirty hippie and f***ing hipster are basically the same slur